Viking Age in the North West, an App

If you are interested in the viking impact on the history of England, especially in the north west, then you will glad to know there is now an app for that.

A project lead by a medieval historian, Dr Claire Downham, at the University of Liverpool produced the app. It features an interactive map of sites of interest, descriptions of those sites and images of noteworthy places and artifacts

It could be handy for planning a tour of viking sites in Wirral. Otherwise it is nice resource for educating oneself on the viking settlements in the area. In particular there is much information on the traces of Old Norse present in current place names.

The interface is a simple menu. The first option takes the user to the interactive map of points of interest. The second option goes to a list of the sites. Selecting an entry brings up detailed information on the respective site and a link to its location on the map. The third option provides a simple passage on the overall history of vikings in the area. Following that the fourth option explains the origins and purpose on the app itself. The final option opens a simple user survey.

One can find the app free in the Google Play Store for android and the App Store for the iphone. Alternatively see the app’s page on the University of Liverpool’s website.

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